9 Amazing health benefits of cherries

Everyone like cherries and take the juice in the summer. Are cherries really good for health? The answer is yes, cherries protect your health overall. Health benefits of cherries are:

It is one of the most popular and healthy fruit. According to the nutritious, about 20 cherries contain approx 90 calories and about 14 to 16 % of your daily vitamin need.

It can be eaten raw or can be also used in different kinds of varieties like cherry cake, cherry fit whipped cream, chocolate cherry cake,  ice cream.

Moreover, it is a delicious and healthy fruit. But many don’t know that this fruit has much worth which is very good for your health.

Here is the reason that you should add cherries in your meals

Nutrition facts

One cup  contains:

  • Vitamin A %.
  • Vitamin C 16%.
  • calcium 2%.
  • iron 3%.
  • Potassium 10%.
  • calories 97.
  • carbohydrate 23 g.
  • Fibers 4 g.

Here are the health benefits of cherries:

Cherries are rich in antioxidants

It is a good source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory composite. It helps to boost immunity due to this your body can fight with viruses, don’t get easily ill easily, and prevents chronic diseases including — cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Cherries help to relieve in insomnia

Cherries give restless sleep

Cherries shows an effective result in insomnia. Melatonin hormone which is found in it which provides restless sleep.

The primary cause of insomnia is stress, depression, disturbance of sleep cycle, and high blood pressure, etc.

The pineal gland produces the melatonin hormone in the brain.

According to survey insomnia affect women more than men and aged people. Eating regularly shows the effective result in insomnia.

Cherries protect from Diabetes

cherry lower the diabetes

It contains anti-inflammatory effects due to this it helps you to keep healthy and fit.

The glycemic index rank of cherries lower than many fruits. That means they don’t hike your blood sugar and insulin level, Both make them protective in case of diabetes.

It shows the effective result and manages your diabetes condition if someones have already.

Cherries help in weight loss

cherries make you fit

No one wants to get fat and have obesity if you have already fat and obesity in your body then never forget to add it to your meal.

According to the research, it contains low calories. Around 20 cherries contain less than 90 calories.

It’s a good source of vitamins due to this it increases your metabolism and helps to remove toxins from your body.

Cherries help in arthritis relief

cherry improve joint pain

It contains 2% calcium and 3% iron.

Many studies found that eating cherries in the meal is beneficial for osteoarthritis sufferers.

Adding regularly in your meal or cherry juice may help to reduce your joint pain.

It also contains calcium and iron due to this it makes your bones stronger and provides the need for bones.

Cherries prevent heart disease

cherries reduce the chances of heart disease

Anthocyanins antioxidants found in it which decreases and controls the cholesterol level, hence, it maintains the blood pressure and fights with the radicals.

Due to the rich in antioxidants, it reduces heart disease and cardiac arrest.

Reduce the exercise pain

cherriesreduce the muscle pain

You might be doing the exercises, get tired easily, get pain in body after exercise, cherry is that fruit which reduces the pain of your body.

Therefore, it also protects from the tissue damage from exercise and helps to support muscles recovery so fast.

It is helpful for those who take regularly.

cherries are good for your skin

cherries make your skin glow

As you know that it is rich in antioxidants, antioxidants are a good source to fight with the bacterium, viruses, and who make the skin dulls. Due to antioxidants, it makes your skin healthier.

It helps to remove the dark spot which happens due to the sunburn, it changes the skin tone and makes your skin glow.

Good for your hair

cherries make your hair strongIt contains vitamin C (16%) and vitamin B, they are a good source to protect from the breakage, hair damage, and keep your scalp healthy.

It provides natural shine in your hair.

For the best result take fresh it regularly.

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