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Many of you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, but you don’t like to take medicine regularly.

hypertension leads to the pressure of blood into your artery walls. Having high blood pressure for a long period of time can lead to cause a heart attack, heart illness, and kidney damage.

Lifestyles play an important role in health. Though if your health is good then your life is great.

According to the survey, most people nowadays founding have high blood pressure. Several venture factors of it are not in our hands, including age, family background, gender, and genetic. But you can control it, by doing exercise and having a diet.

However, a diet plays an important role to cure it, consuming rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber and lower in sodium foods that help a lot.

Here are the foods that help to lower your blood pressure

Avoid sodium(salt) intake

Doctor suggest that don’t consume salt when you are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Although A high sodium diet increases the pressure of blood.

The impact of sodium consumption on hypertension diversifies among groups of people. In general, limit sodium to 2,200 milligrams a day or less. However, lower-sodium eating approx 1,400 mg a day or less is perfect for most adults.

  • Try to take approx 2,200 milligrams (about 1 teaspoon of salt) or less daily.
  • Picked foods that have 5% or less of the daily need of sodium. Moreover, avoid meals that have 18% or more the daily need for salt.
  • Avoid fast foods.


Banana is a very popular fruit all over the world. Eating rich potassium foods are good for health and lowering high blood pressure.

Moreover, you can add bananas in your diet while taking oatmeal or at the time of breakfast.
Consuming bananas daily may help to reduce it.

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Seeds can reduce your blood pressure

Seeds contain potassium, magnesium, and other minerals that reduces high pressure and maintain blood circulation in your body.

The best way to use seeds is without salt. Consume approx one-fourth cup of sunflower and pumpkin seeds as a snack. Moreover, it shows effective results in it.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is the favorite of everyone, dark chocolate contains approx 65 % cocoa solids and has smaller sugar than usual chocolate.

You can use chocolate in may ways to eat, combine dark chocolate to eat it with fruits, like strawberries or raspberries, or with yogurts.

According to the research, consuming dark chocolate helps to reduce blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular illness. They suggest that consuming approx 90 t0 100 grams regularly is good for health and prevent cardiovascular attacks.


Apples are popular all over the world, it considers one of the healthiest fruits.

A medium-sized apple includes potassium and antioxidants.

An apple provides :

  • 3-4% of human being daily potassium needs.

One reason that apples contain soluble fibers that help to reduce hypertension due to this reduces cardiovascular disease.

Hence, taking apple regularly helps to maintain health and blood circulation.

Sweet potatoes reduce blood pressure

Sweet potatoes help to reduce your pressure of blood and Satisfy your carb desires. It is a good source of vitamin and resistant starch and beta-carotene which helps to reduce it and protect from heart illness.

Hence, it helps to fight with hypertension and the best way to eat is oven-baked or boiled and fries.

Spinach may help to reduce high blood pressure

Spinach is rich in fibers, vitamins C and beta-carotene which help to reduce hypertension and maintain overall health.

However, it is very easy to make any dish and smoothies to sauces, moving even the pickiest palates.


Cherries are full of sweetness, you should add today in your diet.

Anthocyanins antioxidant found in cherries which decrease and control the cholesterol level, cherries maintain the blood pressure and fight with the radicals.

Cherries also contain vitamin C and fibers which maintain the overall health and keep you fit and healthy.


Blueberries are rich in sweetness and provide flavonoids compounds which help to lower the hypertension

The researcher found that consuming blueberries help to reduce hypertension.

The glycemic index of blueberries is lower than other fruits and rich in fibers, resveratrol which manage your overall health. You can also add many berries like raspberries, and strawberries in your diet.

Yogurt and milk may reduce your high blood pressure

Milk and yogurt is a good source of calcium and low contain fats. They help to reduce the blood pressure when you add in your diet.

One study found that those who ate yogurt regularly experienced cut in their risk for developing high hypertension.

Always prefers low sugar contain yogurt, although many people don’t like the yogurt then consume milk and vice versa.

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